We Make It Easier to Play Longer & With Friends

It’s simple, just keep playing and we’ll apply the discounts!

Total freedom to play anything in our VR library! We can accommodate up to 3 single players at once, each doing their own thing, or a total of up to 4 if two of them are using the multiplayer paired system. (All time is charged in 30 minute increments whether completely used or not.)

VR Time (up to 30 minutes)

Single Player


VR Time (up to 1 hour)

Single Player


VR Time (per extra 30 minutes)

Single Player


Bring a Friend!

Multiplayer discount 10% off VR Time when you exclusively use our multiplayer paired system. Only one pair of multiplayers can play at a time.

Experience the thrill of Virtual Reality on the Samsung Odyssey+ while your friends watch you inside the 3D-VR world!

Mixed Reality (up to 30 minutes)


VR + Mixed Reality (up to 2 hours)

Good for groups up to 15 players. Our equipment can accommodate an assortment of 5 players utilizing VR/MR at once and then taking turns so everyone gets to play several times. Amenities include:

  • Lots of room to spread out
  • Plenty of tables for eating, visiting, and placing presents
  • Eating utensils provided
  • 1 bottled water per player
  • On-premise refreshments available for a la carte purchase (no outside food or drink is permitted, but you may bring your own cake)
  • Unlimited foosball table
  • Unlimited tabletop games available (chess, checkers, connect four, etc)
  • Pay per play pool and air hockey

(Other custom accommodations such as catering or decorations are available by request with custom pricing)